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Crazy Christmas

by Sunil J

I don’t have a life! It is Christmas and the first thing that I do on waking up is play F-22 Lightning 3, a game so old that there is no product page any more and the last update was in 1999.

After fulfilling my childhood dream of being a fighter pilot, I decided to check what was eating up space on my C drive.

WinDirStat is a tool that anyone who can install an OS should have on their computer. It will show you which files are using up most space and the file type. As I suspected the page file was eating up more than 2 GB and after setting up my computer to clear page file automatically, I was browsing the folders when I noticed something strange.

Firefox was my default browser, until Google came up with Chrome . Since Chrome still does not have extensions and RSS support, I still use Firefox occasionally. One of the extensions that I had on Firefox was Better Gmail 2 which allows you to change the appearance of Gmail. Did I travel to the future or did my computer go crazy? Because it appears some file was changed on 30th of December 2107, that is almost a century in the future. The name of the folder is [email protected]

This reminds me of the time when my GPS showed my location to be in Finland, for a few seconds.

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