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I am back

by Sunil J

A little over 4 months has passed since my last post and I think I may be ready to admit that I am not persistent.

It all started when I started playing an online game. I was addicted to it for a while that I stopped replying to my mails. I got over the game soon, but instead of my old routine, I had other things to do. Long story short, I stopped reading blogs and stopped updating mine too.

There would not have been any change, except,I met with an accident, again. Now I have casts on my leg as well as my arm which means I can’t move around much. After doing everything else possible, I have decided to look at my blog once more. Writing a blog is not that enjoyable, because I have only one hand to type.To type at less than 20 WPM after being used to typing at around 70 WPM can really make you cry.

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