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Two Girls Cross LOC to Escape Forced Marriage

I am late to sleep and I got to go to work in 6 hours. But when I was about to sleep I remembered this news item I read earlier today at work. How would two Muslim girls from Pakistan feel when men, that too of the Indian Army, surround them? They ran away from home to escape from a forced marriage, but they might end up in prison for treason or might be forced to marry.

What would they be thinking while awaiting their fate? When they ran away, they could have gone of to anywhere but they chose to cross the LOC to reach India, hoping for help. They must have heard good things, and now they must be scared, and might probably wish they were dead, because after they are turned over to the Pakistani Army, even if they are freed, their lives would effectively be over.

The details are sketchy and all websites have the standard news provided by Indo-Asian News Service. If India could provide refuge to Dalai Lama, why not to those two young women who trusted their future in a nation that they believed would support them?

Imagine the difference between those two girls and Dalai Lama. He has the knowledge, experience and religious belief to get him through, not to mention the millions of supporters whereas these girls are have less education and hardly any worldly knowledge. There are a lot of Pakistani women who have made history, but I wonder how many would be there to support these young girls when they oppose the marriage that is forced upon them. All they had was trust, that now lies shattered.

Where are the women’s lib and Human Right activists when you need them?

Next time you hear someone say that India has a history of treating guests as Gods, do remind them of those two girls who were kicked back to their own country and to an uncertain future.

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