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Quit India Notice given to foreigners

India is has been sitting on the wall as far as the Tibet issue is concerned. While it could not anger the international government and its own voters, it has been reluctant to do anything that would cause a strain on Indo-China relationship. Strange that China does not feel the same way. China does not feel shy when it wants to show its strength or rebuke India and the world community. It is sad to see that successive Indian government going weaker and weaker in the knees.

While India has tried it best to avoid making a statement supporting Tibet, it has made sure that the residents in India do not anger the Chinese too much. But China claims India is not doing enough. Recent development shows India is not concerned about the international opinion. But it is certainly concerned about the opinion of voters. The government has allowed peaceful demonstrations, but when a few journalists and photographers came to India to follow a rally, India decided to deport them. Quit India Notice, that sounds bad, and I do not have to explain why.

The reason provided is that visa is given only for site seeing and traveling and any religious activity can be interpreted as hostile. Quit India Notice is given to persons when there is a threat to national security, and that too very rarely. The explanation given by the Home Ministry is that the foreigners had violated their visa norms by participating in a religious march and if it were allowed, we would have people coming here to propagate their religion. Since when is propagating religion a threat to national security? I thought the Indian constitution gave us the right to choose and follow any religion. Many music bands, brand names are considered a religion unto themselves, shouldn’t they be banned from coming to India? If propagation of religion is a crime, then why is Scientology active in India? Should all Christians, Jews, Muslims be deported out of India? Why wasn’t this rule enforced when Benny Hinn, came to Bangalore to conduct an evangelist show? It caused riots in otherwise money minded city. I still remember the condition that my cab was in when came to pick me up.

Instead of blaming the politicians and the system, it is time we asked ourselves; did we vote for the right person last time? Am I doing enough for my country?

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