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Because I had nothing better to do

I haven’t had viral fever in a long time, and I had forgotten how terrible and boring it can be. I have barely moved out of my room in the past 2 days and I find myself watching the Knight Rider series while in between checking the progress of Torchwood series that I am downloading. I have been downloading it for the past 3 or 4 days, and I am getting only a fraction of the speed available to me. Well, it is not the problem with the ISP, its just that there is only 1 seed and about 300+ people trying to download it. I am hoping it will be over today; I am down to the last 400 MB, 96% complete.

Usually when I am sick, I found myself thinking a lot, but while thinking about it today, I found that this time I did not involve myself in any serious thinking. Not only that, I can’t think when I thought really hard the last time; hard to believe that I used to think very deeply almost every day.

Thought, that must be one of the wickedest things in the world. It makes you find faults with yourself, anticipate possible threats and risks and makes you live in the past and the future, but hardly ever in the present. It made me think until I could not find a reason for being alive. It is no wonder that people who live by their instinct have a better life. Take the case of a geek and a jock. I don’t think I need to explain myself.

I wonder how humans will be able to adjust themselves if we make any further steps in evolution. While it is fun thinking of mutated human beings, the logical step would be increased brain capacity. And that would mean, almost all humans will start thinking, and not just about sex. Some might think about space travel, politics, science, art etc while others would still think about sex. But there are going to be more people thinking about why we are alive and the purpose of life. Unless they all find religion or evolution puts a break on philosophical thought, there is going to be a lot of dead or crazy thinkers in the future.

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