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I Survived

I had promised myself that I would change the blog template and risk my life by writing a testimonial for my sister on Orkut. Well, I did both, and fortunately I am still alive.

I had written the testimonial for my sister when I was feeling quite down, so it came out as a compliment for her instead of an insult as I feared.

The first thing that I did was change the blog template, and unfortunately Silverine didn’t like it!!! I can’t believe I am trying to please everyone, this was not the person I was when I started this blog. I don’t like this new “me”, but then change is inevitable and whether I like it or not, it can only help in improving what I am now. Maybe I will learn how to be a better social animal.

After getting the feedback from Silverine, I went back to the template and changed the color. I liked the layout, especially the 3 columns, but instead of the dark color, I changed it to white. I have said it before, I am really bad when it comes to choosing colors and a few years back, I had so many black tees that anything with some color on it was looked upon with surprise by my friends.

The biggest problem I faced was with the comment system. I had opted for IntenseDebate instead of the native blogger comment system, and it seems IntenseDebate assigns comment based on the link of the page. So when I linked a post to Silverine, the comments would appear in the post page, but not on the home page. It is still not resolved, and so linking from the post title is off the window for now. I was trying to change the template while having problem with the comment system, and as luck would have it, most of the templates I liked would not play ball with IntenseDebate. It was such a big mess that at a certain point, I just wanted to get rid of IntenseDebate and at another point of time, I felt it was time to call it a day and stop blogging.

But, everything is working great now, except for that one post with link in the title 🙁 I feel good about the layout and hopefully the colors look good. Now I am waiting for Silverine to take a look at it again. You are not getting chocolates this time though.

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I write ideas that strike me, sometimes just to remember them later, and just once in a while, you might find something useful. :-)

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  1. lol!! You are welcome monsieur! 😀

    • Lady, you confused me for a while with the Monsieur bit. Then I read what I had written finally 'there was light'. But you should have called me 'Signor' or 'Signore' if you must insist 😉 because I just found kissing hands is more Italian than French. French usually kiss both cheeks. Blame it all on Hollywood, anything romantic they want it to be French.

    • thank you, thank you… oh thank you soooo much…(on my knees kissing ur hands) 😀 Now I can sleep with the satisfaction that I have a good template.
      Seriously, thanks for helping me choose a good one.

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