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Women are from Venus

I am very lazy when it comes to writing, as anyone who has looked at this blog will tell you. When I was at Bangalore and Chennai, I used to think that I would be able to write more when I am back home; wrong!! I used to write more when I was away and more regularly too. It is not because I didn’t have anything to write about, I had a lot to write about, but was never able to find the time away from browsing, reading, sleeping and whatnot.

I wouldn’t have written anything today and would have been completely satisfied with just going through other peoples blogs and personal lives, but something that I read yesterday kept pulling me back.

Head over to Silverine before you continue reading this post.

She has been writing on guys so that girls wouldn’t find them akin to aliens. I don’t know about you, and neither do I know about girls, but I never felt girls had any trouble figuring out guys. We are simple creatures right?

I have had quite a few best friends among girls and they never had any trouble figuring me out, which, I cannot say for myself. I have trouble figuring myself out, so let us not talk how much trouble I have understanding girls.

I asked Silverine to write a book on girls so that mankind can save time trying to understand girls; its such a worn track that it is deeper than the Grand Canyon. So far no reply, is it such a hard task, even for her?

Seems these days I find people obsessed with girls, and from the above paragraphs, you can see that I am not. Till last month the process I worked in was filled with guys, with a handful of girls thrown in here and there. The management must have decided that it was unhealthy ratio, because they brought in a few girls from another process to work in the same floor. Needless to say, now I am getting a lot of information about girls, and absenteeism is at an all time low

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  1. p.s this template sucks!

    • Yea, I know… I am looking at a few templates, but got two problems and one excuse.

      Prob 1. I am not really good at choosing anything that involves colors; I am not color blind, but somehow I have no sense of color combinations. I still ask my Mom or Sisters to pick up shirts for me 😉
      Prob 2. There are a lot of codes in the template from various sites. It will take some time find those codes and copy it to another template.

      Excuse: I am thinking about custom domain and hosting using WordPress.

  2. Ah! One doesn't notice traits of ones own gender you see as there is nothing unique in it…which is why a gal can never write about gals for the simple reasons that she wouldn't have noticed anything strange in girls, unless a girl behave like a tomboy. :p

    I rest my case!

    • Are you telling me you are not? I could have sworn you were a tomboy.. too bad. 😀 just kidding.
      I am thinking of an experiment where ” I ” try to figure out girls. Problem is, at the place I work, the men/women ratio is around 25:1, so it has to be a really unlucky day for me if I have to talk to a girl; kidding again. 😀
      You know what? There are better things to do than figure out what the opposite gender. I think I will wait until I find someone worth figuring out. 😉 ; not kidding. 😀

  3. hei, Silverine, a book on gals sounds wonderful… Give a second thought on this 🙂

  4. A book on girls has to be written by a guy who has grown up with them. I have not…hence look for such guys amongst your friends circle 🙂

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