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Intense Debate

by Sunil J

I just got a major upgrade for my blog. Intense Debate, the new commenting system on the block, and guys, it really rocks. Check it out for yourself.
It has imported all my previous comments to itself, and as I have enabled moderation new comments would not appear immediately.
The best thing about intense debate is the threaded commenting system. But that is not all, with Intense Debate everyone can rate each other, so think twice before if you are thinking of writing something stupid. 😛
But the feature that I think has more potential is actually a by product, if that is the right word. Regular users would be commenting on each others blog, and while it is possible without ID, here it becomes more personal, and streamlined.
Got to go for work, so expect me to write more on this at a later time. In the meantime, maybe you should think about signing up for beta.

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