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by Sunil J

I had said that I would write about the bike trip I had yesterday, and frankly, I do not think I would be able to write well about the trip. It is not because I did not enjoy the trip, in fact I enjoyed it a lot. The problem is that I enjoyed it so much that it is difficult to put the feelings in words.

We had gone to a place called Illithod, an Eco-tourism spot in Kerala. It is near Malayatoor, where St. Thomas is supposed to have climbed the hill. I still remember climbing that hill, and trying to see his footprints which are supposed to be imprinted on the rocks.

The day didn’t start off well, and at a point I was ready to change the plan. I was travelling with 6 other friends from work, and we had only 3 bikes. After about one and half hour or two, we got a bike and we started to Athirampally, yes I do realize that was not the place that we went to. On the way one of my friends suggested that, we go to Illithod, and we stopped to discuss on that.

We started again, a couple of bikes riding fast and the other two lagging behind. After a while the bike going in front stopped. While the three of us were travelling fast, the other 2 bikes were having trouble. We were forced to slow down, and after a few more stops, we reached our destination.

The place was heavenly. All around us were huge trees. Although it was a forest, the only animal we saw was a tiny snake and a calf. The rest of the day was a blur. Few of us were having beer, even though it was not allowed, climbing all over the place, drinking, swimming and pushing each other under water.

There are only a few places left not well known, and this is one of those places. It wont be long before there would be a crowd rushing into enjoy the ‘nature’ and spoiling it for everyone. I am glad I was able to see it before that happened.

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