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Rain, beautiful rain

by Sunil J

It has been raining heavily at Cochin for the past few days, but as usual, I was inside my room in front of my computer until today. Breaking my habit, I went out today when it seemed the rain was stopping. As luck would have it, it started raining while I was riding my bike.

Let me tell you about the rains in Kerala. Usually in Kerala, when it rains, it pours. Kerala enjoys two rainy seasons. At this period of the year, it usually rains only during night.

This is what a fellow blogger has to say about the rain in Kerala.

“and Kerala rain is lovely and stormy and beautiful. The kind of rain poetry is written about, and the kind of rain, even in this day and age that you can run outside, head turned upwards and catch in your mouth,”

While I do not agree with most of her allegations, I have no doubt that the rain in Kerala is beautiful.

When it rains, water puddles on the road, and while that makes driving miserable, children love nothing better than to splash through the water. You would find school kids riding their bicycles through the puddles, splashing water on all those who pass by.

I had forgotten the fun I had when I was a kid, when I used to ride my bicycle through the rain, getting completely drenched, but knowing it my mind that this was heaven. Unfortunately, once I left home for work, I found it tiresome to get the cloths dry, and with mobiles becoming a necessity of life, there was always the fear of getting it wet.

Since I am back home, and my mother is there to dry the cloths for me, I do not have to worry much other than to be careful not to get my mobile drenched. For the first time in years, I went back to my childhood, knew what bliss was and understood the meaning of carefree life.

For those of you who are scared of getting their wallet and gadgets wet, and those of you who do not want to bother with drying your clothes, just once in your life, don’t think about the work you need to do; get a waterproof bag and get yourself drenched in rain. Just once in a year, live in heaven. You deserve it.

While it is beautiful, there is no doubt an unexpected rain would make life cause untold misery to many people. However, thankfully people seem to enjoy helping each other in times of trouble. Today while waiting in front of a shop for the rain to abate, I was able to witness a couple getting drenched in the rain, thanks to the corporation, who had left a manhole uncovered. The front wheel of the car had slipped in while taking a curve.

The people who were passing by left their umbrellas behind to help lift the car from the manhole. Within 10 minutes, they had the car out of the manhole. They rejected the driver’s offer of money, but were happy that they were able to help someone.

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