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Updates and plans

by Sunil J

It is amazing how fast time passes us by, but still some things remains unchanged. A few months back, I had thought, things I thought important were not important and friends I thought close were not close. I had distanced myself with many of my friends because I couldn’t take the pain of losing them. Last week I saw a friend, and the emotions I felt were the same I had a few years back. I guess friends are still friends however long we haven’t talked.

Back to the present, I know I have been quite absent from my blog for quite a while. There have been major updates going on with my life. I have returned to my home town where I am presently working, and frankly there hasn’t been many lonely moments when I felt like I needed to put my thoughts into words. Now, that is as silly as an excuse can get. Trust me, I had a lot of free time, but I still didn’t feel like updating my blog.

So here I am, back home again. But what should I write about now? Quite frankly I am not sure. I have been writing about a few of my friends and I am thinking about continuing on that thread. It is just for me. In a few years time, I might look back at the posts I had made and I am sure that these posts will give me something to feel nostalgic about. Other than that, I was planning to start a new blog to write about my city and what I think should be done about that. That is currently on hold, but I keep thinking that a city is too macroscopic; probably I should be writing about my state instead. But then, I am still waiting for my camera to arrive, a Sony H9. I am hoping that I will be able to add some pictures on my blog, but frankly it is just my interest in photography. I am looking for a reason to use the camera, even though I am not going to get it till Christmas.

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