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First hand report of a fight

by Sunil J

It has been a week since I left Bangalore and came home. And I have been sitting in front of the computer, just browsing. I haven’t even decided when I want to join my new company. But that has to change, I am beginning to get tired of sitting in front of the computer all day and I am running out of cash. Doing nothing can be really expensive.

I sometimes wonder how people can be so careless, stupid and inconsiderate. I had to take my laptop for servicing yesterday and had taken my bike. As luck would have it, I lost the key. I had parked my bike on the roadside and walked 5 meters into the building and was at no time further then 5 meters from the bike. But the key got lost and I couldn’t find it anywhere, not on me, not on the bike and nowhere within 10 meters of the bike.

Two things might have happened; I must have forgotten the key on the bike and someone flicked it, thank God, they didn’t flick the bike. Either that, or else I must have dropped it on the way to the building and someone picked it up. That is what I find stupid. If they had left it there, then I would have found it when I started looking for it, or else they could have put it on the edge of the road. I would have found it even then. What was the point in taking it home with them? I asked at the nearby shops, and they didn’t have it either.

As it happened, I had to hire an auto, the goods carrier, had to put my bike on it and had to bring it home. Cost Rs.300 and 15kms in a tiny cabin.

I sometimes wonder how people can fight for no reason at all. On my way back home in the auto, I witnessed an accident. The road was bad, and unfortunately for the guy who was riding his bike in front of us, burst the back tire. All I saw was, him entering the road from my right and skidding wildly to the left and right. The two guys who had just overtaken us and was just behind the guy could do nothing to stop from hitting him. Now, before it gets too confusing the first guy is guy#1, the rider on the 2nd bike is guy#2 and the guy riding pillion behind the 2nd guy is guy#3.

Guy#2 managed to slow down the bike a little bit, but still couldn’t avoid hitting or falling down. There was mistake both the riders, and it would have been best to forgive each other since no one was hurt. But no, guy#1 felt that guy#2 came too fast, even if he didn’t see the bike coming towards him from the back, and I have to point it out that it was his tire that had burst due to wear and tear, and boy, was it worn. Guy#2 could not have been blamed for the accident, except for the fact that he didn’t slow down when he saw a bike entering the road, like everyone else in the country he was planning to overtake it. Little did he know, fate had something else in store for him. But he was not going to take the blame, and became aggressive when guy#1 started blaming him and started to get close in on him face2face. Point was, he didn’t touch guy#1, but guy#1 had to start pushing him, and before you knew it guy#1 was beating guy#2. Guy#3 who was trying to right the bike till then, left the bike on the ground and entered the fight by swinging his helmet at the head of guy#1. With 2 guys against 1 the outcome of the fight was evident and the public entered to break up the fight.

The auto driver didn’t want to stay back to see what happened, because he didn’t want to be part of any legal proceedings, and frankly I had seen the most important part. How grownups can fight each other for almost no reason. An argument is understandable; two intelligent people are expected to argue at some time or the other, but fist fight? Are we any better than animals? I think not.

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