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Doctors in India 'let son, 15, perform surgery'

Doctors in India ‘let son, 15, perform surgery’ – Independent Online Edition > Asia:

“Doctors in India ‘let son, 15, perform surgery’

By Muneeza Naqvi in Delhi
Published: 22 June 2007

Officials in southern India are investigating claims that a couple, who are both doctors, let their 15-year-old son perform surgery to get into Guinness World Records as the world’s youngest surgeon.

Dr K Murugesan showed a recording of his son, Dhileepan Raj, performing a Caesarean section to an Indian Medical Association (IMA) chapter in Tamil Nadu last month, said Dr Venkatesh Prasad, secretary of the association. The video showed Dr Murugesan anaesthetising the patient. ‘We were shocked to see the recording,’ Dr Prasad said, adding that the IMA told Dr Murugesan that his act was an ethical and legal violation.”

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