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World depends on India's technical skills: Nasscom chairman

by Sunil J

“We have to bridge the gap by providing additional training to the people who are coming out of colleges so that they are industry-ready.

The Nasscom initiative in that area is setting up finishing schools.”

– Lakshmi Narayanan

Great idea! I am glad that some initiative is being taken up to raise the quality of the educated population in India. But is it enough?

Who are these finishing schools targeting? Students fresh out of engineering colleges?

Is anyone bothered about the quality of education imparted at the school level? We have millions of students passing out of schools every year. But the education they have received is just to pass the examination. The quality of education required in this age of globalization is much higher than what is imparted at most schools. Even most of the teachers who are supposed to teach are not ‘qualified’ enough to work in a voice process which cater to American citizens.

Kerala government has come up with some new ideas to improve the standard of education, but like all its previous experimentation it is more likely to fail or to have negligible impact on the nation as a whole or for that matter the state.

Public schools and good educational institutions like Kendirya Vidyalaya are few schools in the country, where the students passing out would be qualified to work in a voice process. With additional skills from regular/ engineering colleges they are definitely the best the nation can offer. But the majority of the students cannot afford to study at such schools, and the result is that only a small percentage of students from other schools are represented in the high value job market.

That is not to say that all students studying in small schools are at a disadvantage. Some are resourceful on their own, and others, with the guidance of their parents or teachers, are able to compete with their more privileged friends.

But even as I say it, the level of English, spoken or written, leaves a lot to be desired. The ability of Indians to understand and communicate in English is one of India Inc’s USP. But, on a scale of 0 – 10, where 0 is, not able to understand English, China, Japan and our other Asian neighbors would score 1 or 2 and we on an average would score 4 or 5. The target to be achieved is 10, which is as good as a native speaker of the language. Individually each of us should be able to achieve 8, 9 and even 10 and collectively the average should be 6 – 8.

Are we still waiting for the government to get its act together?

A better educated population would mean better jobs, better standard of living and many things for the people. But it would also mean a better work force. It would mean more business for India Inc and in turn a better economy. The benefit is for everyone remotely connected to India.

The initiative can come from various sources such as:

  1. Government
  2. People
  3. India Inc

The initiatives taken by government so far has been a little less than sufficient, but considering everything, it is not possible to blame the government for not taking enough initiative. A developing country would have numerous limitations, and as such we cannot expect the government to do everything as well as it could be done.

The people though considered collectively are still individuals, and unless everyone is willing to fall back and let someone lead them, nothing can be done.

India Inc. is probably the best entity to take up the responsibility of educating the nation and in turn reap its rewards. It is very well organized, with a good management to plan into the future. Arguably, as good as anyone else to take up the responsibility.

To be continued…

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