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Business best practices

by Sunil J

Change please: Most often when I go to buy something, and if the total comes to certain amount and then some change, the merchant would usually give me a candy. Now how many candies would I eat in one day?

And what if I don’t want to eat candy? I can understand it if I were to make a phone call from a coin booth, then I need to give change, but at a shop where there is change, why can’t they give me exact change. Isn’t it the responsibility of the merchant to give exact change?

I have refused to accept goods in lieu of money, sometimes letting them keep the change as a mark of protest. Only problem is, they would consider that as a profit, instead of insult.

Here is my new model of protest, if they give me candy, I would accept it, but the next time I shop there, I will redeem those candies, for cash. 😉
I’d like to know how they would take a dose of their own medicine.

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