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The coward in me

by Sunil J

Am I can coward if I hide my face? My name? Do I need to assume a new identity to tell what I want to say?

I never thought of myself as a coward. I am shy, and would rather sit back and be lenient than get into a confrontation. But even then, if I feel I have been treated unfairly then I wouldn’t hesitate to raise the hell, no matter who.

But, in real life, I do project a different image than what is real. Maybe its only here when I write on the blog that I am truly me. Is there a mental conflict between the true me, and the image that I project to others? Is the true me a coward?

I do not know. Maybe I am, but with an anonymous name, there is hardly anything that I need to hold back. In fact, right now I feel as if I have been unchained.

But am I really unchained? Do I truly write for myself? Am I not unconsciously writing this to express something? And aren’t there some posts that I want others to see and give me feed back?

The more I think, the more confused I am. I think its time I created a separate blog, one to express my feelings and another to express my thoughts.

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