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Free Country, but what about the people?

They are the law. A group of lawyers beat up a ‘Dalit’ youth, because he did not want to marry the girl his lawyer relative had ‘suggested’. The incident was aired on CNN-IBN, with the video showing the lawyers beating the lad. The incident occurred in Uttar Pradesh, India and raised some serious questions.

While the media is busy covering the incident, let me raise my own questions regarding it.

Why was the youth labeled ‘Dalit’? For those who don’t know, Dalit is a lower caste according the caste system prevalent in India. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, the person who wrote the Constitution of India was also a Dalit. Was the incident in U.P (Uttar Pradesh) a caste or religious issue? No, it was not. Then, why is the media so eager to highlight the caste of the youth in question? As far as I can ascertain, the lawyers in U.P is a lawless bunch and it seems as if they would do the same thing to anyone despite their caste.

When the nation is trying to free itself from the shackles of caste system, the media, it seems is happy to milk every juicy bit out of any incident. Even while we say the caste system is outdated we make it an issue, when a person from a lower caste is mistreated, when a person from a higher caste is given more then what he deserves and especially when a man and a woman from different caste want to marry each other.

India gained its freedom 60 years ago from the British, but when are the Indians going to get freedom from such outdated systems and beliefs?

News Links: CNN-IBN with video
Times Of India

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