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Adios Chennai, hello Bangalore.

by Sunil J
I been planning on it for a long time, and at last I did it. I have left the dirty slums of Chennai behind and come to the over crowded city of Bangalore. Don’t get me wrong, Chennai is not that bad, there are some places in Chennai which is pretty neat, but when compared to Chennai the population in Bangalore is insignificant. But there are some things that everyone likes. For me it is good food, relatives and a little bit of civilization.

At Bangalore everyone aspires to have a better life, whereas in Chennai, those who don’t get paid well seem to be resigned to their fate. They think that they are forever chained to poverty, and they imagine that those who earn better are not a part of their life.

Still Bangalore is not home to me, not even a home away from home. I am just a stranger in this city which appears to be too busy to pause for anything. But I have relatives here, places where I can get food that tastes remotely like food from Kerala, 😉 and people here don’t think I am a threat just because I get a better paycheck. Hell, there are thousands upon thousands of software engineers with whom they can pick a fight. As I said, I am just an insignificant microbe.

I get the feeling that I came here so that I can get myself lost. I am sure a shrink would have thought so.

But there are a few things that I would miss after being at Chennai, to be more correct, there are a few people I would miss. A very special person, who for me was an innocent child. I am going to miss her most, because I had to leave her behind before I could get really close to her. Then there is this guy who could mingle with just any kind of people.

There are a few others I would miss, each unique in their own ways. Wish it was easy to be in constant contact with all of them. Even with the cheapest call rates in the world, it is still difficult to maintain the same intimacy a face to face contact would be able to achieve.

A transplant is never easy. Take a plant, if it is replanted then it will take a few days for it to find its roots and start its growth again. For a person like me, who has never been away from home for a long period of time a re plantation is literally unimaginable horror. New place, new language, unknown people, search for a place to stay, settling down… it’s a royal nightmare. But I don’t think this would be the last time I will be going through the same process. And it is not going to be any easier for me next time either.

Now I have to look up all those old friends. I am sure I will enjoy it, but then time is something that I am really scrooge on. To take time off to meet them, that is going to be difficult, and its not just the traffic.

Well, tomorrow is another day.

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