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Transfer v/s Resignation

by Sunil J
The transfer I requested is getting to be really expensive. Instead of giving treat to my friends, now I have to give treat to some managers, to whom I have never spoken to, just because they had to give the approval for the transfer. Of course, they are not going to say anything if I don’t give them a treat, but from what I heard they expect a treat, and if I don’t, then who knows what they are going to say to the managers under whom I will be working?

Are we still living in the old age, where landlords used to get gifts of appreciation? What is it for, just for boosting their ego?

If on the other hand, had I just resigned then things would have been so simple. I leave the company and join a new company at a higher salary. I would be giving a treat to my friends, but that would have been it. Now the salary is the same, I don’t get any relocation expenses, plus I got to shell out some dole to feed some people I have never spoken to.

Makes me wonder… Am I working for the right company?

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