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Reliance problem

by Sunil J
I remember once the ATM at my office was out of order, and someone had put a sign somewhat like this, I wish I had a camera to take a picture of that.

Sorry Reliance problem

Well, they used Reliance phone to connect the ATM to the bank. Now I wish I could put up a sign just like that on my Laptop and everywhere I visit on the web. I am using Reliance Datacard, Huawei, EC325, to connect to the internet. I been having problem with Reliance from the start. After connecting I won’t have any problem for a while, but then webpages would take ages to load, mind you, only webpags, no problem with downloads most of the time. I have called up Customer care so many times, and, as customer care goes, Reliance has the worst.

Recently I downloaded new drivers and installed it, and installed Netbooster provided by Reliance themselves; let them rest in peace for all eternity. I was amazed to see really good speed, because the software reduced the quality of pictures downloaded and compressed webpages. But today when I came online, I am back to square one. I made 2 posts and each time I posted it, I had to reconnect. I bet I will have to reconnect to post this one too.

I can’t wait to get real broadband from either Indicom or BSNL. I am going to do that as fast as I can once I reach Bangalore.

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