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Lonely in a crowd

by Sunil J

It gives me great pride to say that no one has linked to my blog. I am not being sarcastic or melodramatic. This is the true feeling from my heart. When I see the thousands of page views some bloggers get, I sometimes wonder, whether I could be as good as that some day, nah, never!!! But then, it doesn’t make me sad or disappointed as it should. May I just like being alone so much, that I crave that loneliness even online.
Of course there are some strong feelings that I expressed that I would like to shout at the world, and ask them, are you blind? But most of the posts are just for myself, just to read when I want to remember a feeling that I had earlier. Maybe later sometime I may start another blog where I can talk about the things I want the world to hear. Maybe then I will crawl around the blogosphere begging and groveling for a link back. Maybe then I will bend and break my back, linking to any blogs that come my way, commending when I feel like screaming and pulling my hair out, just so that I don’t offend anyone, lest they don’t back link to me.
But then, it need not be like that either. There are plenty of decent blogs with language so rich, that you could read it all day long, just like you would a book. But that would not satisfy me; I would need to find those blogs, which are not just a good read, but has a specific purpose. No I am not saying this blog has a specific purpose; that is one thing that this blog doesn’t have. This is my personal drawer, where I put everything.
Well, today is the big day. Today I will know when I can leave for Bangalore. Now I should get ready to go for work.

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