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Eventful days

by Sunil J

It took my cousin’s solicitation to visit his blog to remind me that I too had a blog. Unknown to him, I already knew he had a blog, and had setup my RSS reader to pick it up, right onto my desktop. Strange, I seem to know what everyone assumes no one knows, but is not aware of what everyone else would surely know. I remember telling another cousin that I knew her better than she thought I did. It is so obviously untrue, yes I knew her better than she thought I did, but even then I know I don’t know her as well I should know my cousin. Now, why would I have ever said something as corny as that?

The client I serve has come up with a novel approach to make the customer experience better, Behavioral Analytics. And for that they have invested millions on a software. A software, which analyses customer calls, understand the customer personality type and figure out why the customer was happy, unhappy, etc, etc…

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against the software. I think if used well, it might be a pretty good idea. What I am against is the training that was provided to me. 100 odd people attended the two day training while a dozen of us were given an abridged version comprising of 1 day. Fine, I understood what they had to say, and I know what I am supposed to do. But then, why am I so unsatisfied?

They made me take up a test, and they gave me the result. Not many surprises over there either, but not quite. I was surprised at the bandwidth I had to be emotional. Sounds like Greek, I am sure. And I think it might as well be Greek.

I got the transfer I requested for. Not really surprised about that either. On one hand I am happy that I am leaving this place for someplace much better, where I have relatives, where I can get food, and were a few of my friend are. But at the same time I am really unhappy because it would mean leaving some people. Not many, mind you; 2 maybe 3. But I know for a fact that I will miss one person very much. I didn’t get much time to spend with her, but the short time spend with her was like the air after the first rain. I am not falling in love, wish I was, but unfortunately, I believe that falling in love is something that I will have to learn. She was special just because she never demanded. A girl who doesn’t demand, get real… well she did demand a small favor once in a while, but even then, it was almost a request even though she tried her best to make it sound like a demand. I think I better stop right over here. To talk about a girl would be the easiest thing to do. Either there is a lot of good things you can say about her, or else there are a lot of things to complain about, unlike a guy like me.

“Sunil? Oh, he is ok. He sits somewhere over there. I don’t know much about him.”

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