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Making a mountain…

by Sunil J

A lot of people have been sending me messages about an anti-India community in Orkut. Here is one.

INDIAN’S blood should boil … PLZ ACT FAST !!
here are some pakistanis who have started a community ‘V Hate India’
the main pic is of our national flag is in black n white…

looking at that any indians blood should burn…We have to stop them. if you cant do much atleast go to this community

and click on “report as abuse”, orkut will remove that community after 1000 such reports,


please pass this 2 all
Ur frnds…. do it 4 our hospitality n respect on our country.

Just 5 min Job……….Pls

Have we degraded so much that the most populous democracy in the world wants to stifle a weak protest of a fellow human being. What does it matter to an Indian if some people doesn’t like us, or our country. Should be silence all those who doesn’t like us? Should we kill them?

Does those who forward the message realize that, we are the ones who hate the Indian-ness amongst us? Aren’t these the same people who has nothing but contempt for the farmers and blue collar workers who find it difficult to make ends meet. If we are so patriotic then how come the barometer of our civilization is staying where it was 50 years ago?

I would go as far as to say that the message is very unpatriotic. Confused?
Let me explain. Let us try to figure out why the message is against the very tenets the country believes in.

Undemocratic: India is the most populous, arguably one of the most successful democracy the world has ever seen. In a democratic civilization everyone has the right of free speech, even our enemies. To stifle the voice of a minority is undemocratic and unconstitutional.
We can send millions upon millions and raze Pakistan to the ground, but principles of our country allow everyone the right to say and do what they want; as long as it doesn’t hurt others. Their freedom ends only where our nose begins. Is democracy to be practiced only within the country?
Do we want to follow Bush-ism? Attack a country; destroy the existing government, economy and beliefs. Build a namesake government, introduce barter system and take the belief to the pre-historic ages? Why? Because they don’t believe what we believe? Because they don’t agree with what we say?
Do we want to follow a country which entrusts nuclear weapons at the fingertips of one single person?

Making a mountain out of a molehill: A site which has 100 odd members gets more hits than a college site in India, which has 5 times more members. Out of the thousands of Pakistanis online, only 100, and then some, found it worthwhile to join the community. Doesn’t that say something of what Pakistanis think about it? Or, are we brain dead? A mosquito, which might have irritated us for a few minutes, have become an elephant which is now charging us. I would blame us for feeding the mosquito.

I am sure the original writer had started a community ‘V hate Pakistan’. Don’t you think we should report that community for abuse too?

The blood of an Indian should boil, not because of some community that someone started, but because there are still people who cant read or write, because there are children dying, because there are people who work dawn to dusk and still don’t get enough to eat. Our blood should boil, because we forgot that our freedom struggle was to end poverty, illiteracy and superstition. Because, our struggle was to make everyone equal, bring honor to all and to give justice.

If you believe that for every word against us should be countered with 10, then you are free to waste your time. But tell me something, if he shouts once and you shout 10 times and win, who loses the most?

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