Friday , 15 November 2019
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Back from the wild

Been a long time, hasn’t it? Almost 11 months. I am definitely not a blogger, atleast not a regular one. I was truly in the wild, figuratively speaking. For almost 7 months I have been living without constant access to internet. Well, I am still not out of the wilderness, but atleast now I have a laptop, and I got a GPRS connection, while not the fastest, does gives me access to the internet whenever I need it.
How did I survive without internet for such a long time. I still find it difficult to believe that a person who used to be in front of the computer, connected to the internet at 128 kbps was, able to go without internet for 7 months. Well I have gone through the experience, and I don’t want to go through it again.
What has been happening with me? Well I am now working at Chennai, in a voice process. Its not challenging, and at the same time its not interesting either, probably because its not a tech process.
It looks like I am going to be here for some time. I don’t plan to leave this job so soon. It would not look that good on my resume.
Well that’s all for now. I will get back to something more interesting next time.

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