Friday , 15 November 2019
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New Bike

I bought a new bike. TVS Star City. Not that great on power, but good on mileage. That’s what I need now. I have to travel 50 km each day, so I need something which would be very economical.
Other than that, I had a long ride to Coimbatore and back. Around 400 km in one day. But I was traveling at 50 km/h. it took around 7 hours to reach there and another 7 to come back. 14 hours on the bike in one day…
I am planning to put some pictures of my bike on the blog… so watch out for it.
Other than that, each of my days are so similar to the day before and day after, at least on the surface. There are so many subtle but important differences, but let me not bore anyone by talking about it here.
Today a friend of mine got engaged. Another one gone. I wonder how long would it take before I find myself alone.
Last day a friend of mine gave a link for me to go through.
It is about a guy who has seen the future and wants to warn the world about it. No, its not a story. It appears he had had visions about the Tsunami and some other calamity. So is his prediction going to come true? If it does then I would be affected, because I live very close to the coastline.
But how many would believe such a thing? Such visions might come true once in a while, but to get it right every time, I am not sure.
Lets wait and see.

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  1. Quite an adveturous guy you seem to be! Nice blog, keep it up. Will come back to read often.

  2. Quite an adveturous guy you seem to be! Nice blog, keep it up. Will come back to read often.

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