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Talking in my sleep

by Sunil J

Long hours in the office, too little sleep and the only fun that I have these days is by sitting in front of the computer. That I do in office as well as home. Wonder where my life is taking me. Is it normal for a person to stay in office for 16 hours? Maybe some people would do it if they have work to complete. But in my case, I could have opted for a shift where by I need to clock just 8 hours. But instead, I come to work at normal hours, and then stay late. Maybe its just because I am just starting. Once I have been working for some time, maybe I won’t feel so eager to stay in office for such long time. I wonder what my old friends are doing… there are those from my old company, my old college friends, and then some special friends whom I never want to forget or lose contact with. Know what I am doing? I am rambling… I don’t feel like thinking very deeply… maybe I am just sleepy; I didn’t get much sleep yesterday. I slept very fitfully. There was a power failure. It was a warm night, and mosquitoes were having a field day. It is pretty windy outside, can’t see any stars. I got a bad feeling that it is going to rain later tonight. If it does rain, then I am going to get wet going back home. I think I will sleep late tomorrow and come to work late. I really need some rest. I have been working for the past 8 days, and my next off is 4 days away. I am really sleepy… Maybe I will write something some other day… I had enough for today.

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