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Sorry, My mind wandered a bit…

by Sunil J

Here I am, back again after a gap of a few days. I was just thinking how my blog has changed from a personal diary to a scrap book for some pretty crazy, bizarre thoughts. Certainly, writing a diary is a good habit; it helps you look back in time and reflect on your proudest, sweetest and unforgettable moments, while also reminding you to remember the sad loss of your dog, or the time your first love got married. (Pretty unkind cut, I know 😉 ). It also allows you to laugh at the foolish things you did in the past, while reminding you not to repeat it.
But at the same time you got to remember that your mind is a marvelous piece of work. There are so many brain cells, so many neurons, passing thoughts, analyzing everything you see, hear, smell, taste and feel. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone came up to me and told me that each person has, at one time or the other, thought of something that Einstein or Socrates would have been proud to think. The only difference between the next person on the road and the greatest of minds is that, they are more consistent in coming up with bright ideas, or they were intelligent enough to recognize a great idea when it hit them.
The average person would have dismissed such thoughts, or gravity as the reason for apple falling on his head, as too far fetched.
I don’t mean to say that each person would be getting a readymade idea just out of his hat. But when you consider the amount of thought that goes through a persons mind, you cant but give the benefit of doubt that he might have thought of something, at some point of his life, that small thread that would have unraveled the whole knitting.
You might think I am blabbering about… maybe even drunk. But I am a dreamer. I would like to think that, there is someone out there in the whole wide web, who is just one piece short of the puzzle, and that he might some day find that piece in my blog.
Crazy? Am I? Who can tell what might trigger the chain reaction that might create a nuclear bomb… after all would takes just two small electrons to change the whole world.

I really must control my blabbering… I was trying to say something, but instead I went on and on and said something else. What did I want to say? It is completely unrelated to what I said earlier, so I am not going to write it now. Besides I want to sleep…

I leave it for another day,
Another night, another blog.    

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