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To Kill a Mockingbird

by Sunil J

Hey there… I am back again. There was a gap, just a couple of days. First was because I had lost internet connection due to some fault in the line. And yesterday I was reading a book.

I am sure many people would be familiar with “To Kill a Mockingbird” by  Harper Lee. I had read it once before, but I had forgotten that I had read it. But it certainly was not a waste reading it. It carries a lot of messages. I will never bother trying to explain what the book is about or what I learnt from it. I could never do it justice and I may not be able to convey what exactly it is that the book conveys. But I am sure that I am enriched by reading it. Even though I may not be able to pinpoint it, I think I will remember about each of those messages when I am facing with a situation where it would be applicable.

There is only one thing about the book I will tell you, go and read it. It is worth it.

I am not going to bore everyone who reads this blog with a verbal assault of my day to day activities. I am quite sure that no one would want to read about that. What I would like to write about is what I think, maybe my own space where I can express myself. I am sure not many people would agree with my opinions, but then, I don’t have to write for those who read the blog, but just for me to express myself. If anyone finds it interesting, then they are welcome to read it.

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