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First Impression

by Sunil J

I joined work today. And you would be thrilled about the work I did. I know because I am thrilled. I was shown around the office, and they wanted to give me a login ID for the computers right away, but since my employee ID wasn’t processed, they couldn’t give it. So the person who was in charge took me to the floor below (they have 3 floors… WOW!!! I am impressed) and showed me where I can get coffee or tea, whichever I preferred. Then she showed me the library, which had a handful of periodicals and some books. I checked some of the books they had. I think the latest book they had was Municipal rules… (Ugh!!!) preceded by some tutorial of Windows 3.01!!!! (now that is what I call latest). They told me that I can spend time at the library, and that is exactly what I did today. I sat there in the library from around 12 noon till 4 in the evening. Thrilling isn’t it?
I am not sure how thrilling this job is going to be… the pay sucks and they asked me to pay Rs. 540/- per month for transport (the pickup is 12 kms from my house, the company is 20 kms. You do the math) or 25 per trip. I decided that bike would be much more beneficial for me. Compared to my previous company, this really sucks.
You might be wondering why I am working there if I am so dissatisfied. Well, they told me that there is a chance that I will be absorbed into the company if my performance is good. That means better pay. Plus, this might be a good experience. We will see.
If for any misfortune things don’t go as I planned, please don’t say “I told you so”.
That’s all for today. I want to sleep early. I am a bit tired, since I woke up early to go to office.

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