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A new job

by Sunil J

Good news, I got a job. Its been about a month since I lost my job, even though I haven’t been working for the past 5 months.

This job might make a lot of difference to me. First of all, I will be working along with a couple of my college friends. At my previous job everyone was new, the place was new and the job was also new. But this time I know the industry better, I will be working at my native place and I have my friends working along with me. I am not yet sure what project I would be working on. The only information I got was that I would be working for either an MNC bank or an insurance company. The salary is low compared to my previous job, but the experience I would be getting would be worth the low salary. Further as I am working near my home, my expenses would be low, and this could become a stepping stone for a better paid job.
There is supposed to be two shifts, one starting from 6 AM to 2 PM and the other from 2PM to 10 PM. Which means, I would be getting either morning or afternoon free. I am wondering whether I would be able to do some technical certification along with it. Even though I am pretty good with computers, I do not have any technical certification, which is a major drawback. But would I be able to study? Till date I haven’t studied on my own or hard for anything. Maybe this is an opportunity to change.
Yesterday I met a very close friend. But I do not wish to talk about it.

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annie November 1, 2005 - 12:05 PM

congrats on your new job.. n this page.. gud work.. 🙂


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