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The Third Twin – Ken Follett

by Sunil J

I didn’t write anything last night. I was too sleepy. But what was there to write about… Well, I did read a book yesterday, actually read it for the 3rd time. The book was “The Third Twin” by Ken Follett. Not a bad book. But after reading a few of Ken Follett’s books I find that he writes to sell his books. He write about what is currently the most talked about topic and then make a story out of it.
This books is a story of a guy who was wrongly accused for rape. But how could the victim identify him positively if he didn’t do it? That is the story. There is someone else who not only looks like him, but who has the same DNA. Is that the whole story? No. His twin is in jail. But there is another twist, his twin does not share his date of birth, neither of them are adopted, and they were born in different states. That rules out a mistake at the hospital. Then they find another person who looks like him, but he didn’t do it either, because he was at the Emmys.
The story revolves around Jeannie, who is a Junior Professor, who is studying whether criminal traits are inherited or not. She wants to find identical twins, who are not aware of each other, with one evil and the other good.
We are then introduced to some people who pride themselves of being American, who are disgusted with the way immigrants and invading the country, who don’t want the poor to multiply, but only the best of minds and the wealthy to be alive on American soil.
They pioneered cloning in the 70s and inserted 8 embryos in eight unsuspecting women. Then comes the coincidence that we don’t find in real world, one of them is the senior professor and mentor of the heroine.
The clones share common characteristics and traits. They are highly intelligent, fearless and hyperactive. Unable to control these ‘wild’ children their parents fail to raise them to be model citizens. They do not understand the concept of sharing, but get what they want.
But not all are like that. Steve the hero, who incidentally plays second fiddle to Jeannie, the heroine, enjoys the privilege of understanding and patient parents. They help him control his wild streak. He is quite different from his clones even though he is similar to them at first glance. He is very understanding, mature and capable of living with other humans.
As usual they triumph over evil. Not much surprise over there. Except for the concept and underlying evil of the “superior race” there is nothing special about this novel. It is certainly a good read, but unlike a Jeffery Archer novel, it does not have unexpected surprises. You may even want to put down the book so that you can eat some food, unlike me, or go to sleep.
There is no doubt that Ken Follett is a good author, but his novels are meant for a specific period. If the importance was given to the evil of racism then this novel would have been a better read for a longer period. But the primary interest was given to cloning. Was he trying to write a medical fiction, if so he has failed in that. But I feel that he is an author worth watching over. You can never be sure when he will let himself free from the current interest syndrome and write a really good novel.
If you haven’t read it, you are not missing anything. But if you need something pass away the time, if you are ill or traveling alone, then it wont disappoint you.    

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Unknown December 26, 2006 - 1:36 AM

Well put. Keep on reading his books, and something intesting may result. I am trying to get in contact with him mysel, so stay tuned!

Anonymous December 25, 2006 - 1:36 PM

Well put. Keep on reading his books, and something intesting may result. I am trying to get in contact with him mysel, so stay tuned!


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