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Apologies, my past year and an accident

by Sunil J

I know I have been ignoring this post, for over a year. Do I have a good explanation, I don’t think so…  sure, I could say I was working, didn’t have time or didn’t have access to a computer, but I don’t think that is a good excuse. After all if I was serious about posting my blogs then I wouldn’t have ignored it.

Maybe I just plain forgot all about it.

Past is past, so let us forget all about it. I am going to make a fresh start, a new beginning.

Three cheers to a new beginning.

So what do I have to tell you?
A lot… but where do I start?

First let me recap what has been happening with my life.
I got a job over a year ago. Specifically I joined my company on 20th of September, 2004. It was a great job, good company a great atmosphere and at Bangalore.

Was I happy?
I don’t think so… I missed my friends. But still it was good enough to stay on.

I am not going to bore anyone with what happened there. That I should have done on a day to day basis, not as a big atom bomb at the end of a year.

Well, I had an accident in May and tore a ligament on my right knee… It helped me come home again. Four months and two operations later, here I am, almost as good as before, maybe even better. Home food does agree with me.

That was a short recap. Now to the present and future…

I had attended an interview and I would be joining TCS shortly along with a couple of my friends. I will update you on what happens when it happens.

What happened today?

An accident, that’s what happened today. A close friend of mine, FRM met with an accident on his way to work. It wasn’t that bad, but enough to say good bye to Rs.850/- and a visit to hospital for my friend. The bike is still at the garage. It is going to take a few days and some insurance money to get it out of there.

How is my friend?

I was worried a bit when he told me he hit is head on a wall, and was feeling a bit dizzy, but I knew that he was all right once he said that he was feeling hungry…

Best of luck to him and ‘bon appetite’.

That’s all for today my friends… I got to go and meet my friend, but if you feel that I am not being regular with this blog, do send me a line… I am sure that with some encouragement from my friends, I will be a lot regular than I have been till date.

Bye and good night.

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