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Happy Birthday

by Sunil J

Today is the birthday of my friend AS. At least I hope she is my friend.

I wonder how you can recognize your own friends… I feel as if most people are very good actors. They seem to be so good at putting on the mask of a friend, but sometimes I feel that some of them are doing it, maybe so that I won’t be hurt, maybe they want a good image, or maybe it’s in their nature to pretend like that to everyone. It is very difficult to know true friends especially when they are online friends, because you don’t see them, you don’t hear them. All you see is typed words. A very good writer should not find it much difficult to make up great sentences by connecting sweet sounding words, which should be enough to melt the toughest of heart.

Why is it that human beings pretend to like someone even when they despise them? I sometimes notice the small things that tell me that the person with whom I am talking is not enjoying it, or maybe that person would rather be doing something else. But I still don’t know if there is any truth in my “6th sense” or whether it is just “nonsense”. But for a suspicious mind like me, I guess there is no scope for a happy life. I guess I am not blessed with ignorance.

You know the saying ” Ignorance is bliss”.

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