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A Day Lost

by Sunil J

Today was not a very special day for me; you know why? Because nothing much happened today. Well I did catch a movie on HBO, but that is not something a person would consider as a worthwhile deed for the day, is it?

I read somewhere that writing a diary is a very difficult habit to break, as difficult as it is to cultivate that habit.
Well, I never had such a problem. I used to write a diary. But I broke it without giving much thought to it. Who am I kidding? I was feeling terrible quitting that habit. But all the notes I had stored on my computer got lost on fine morning just because my computer had a very bad day.
I still feel very sad about that, just as I felt on losing 4 years of email, on a similar freaky day.
I started writing a diary on a book, but I destroyed it one night because I felt that there was a chance it might be discovered by my sister and her friends. More than a dozen on her friends came to stay here for almost 10 days. Oh, those terrible days when I couldn’t use my computer much… I still feel my heart ache when I think about it.
I saw ‘Cruel Intentions’ on HBO today, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. Of course she is wicked in it, and the movie is just an excuse to make a movie, but at least the end was not that bad. I am a bit confused; because I think I saw the same movie but with a different story, I am not sure if it was ‘Cruel Intentions’ Part 2. In this movie her stepbrother dies. So if any of you out there sees it don’t confuse it, because the other one is just trash. If any of you know what I am talking about, then do tell me what I am talking about; I am confused.

“I feel lonely… lo lo lo lo lonely”
Nice song isn’t it?
See ya all later. 😉

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